What Is The Chaulk Board?

      Founded in 2015 by CEO Christopher Chaulk, The Chaulk Board is a distinctive community of insurance agents and agencies. TCB has partnered with nearly 40 top-rated insurance companies empowering our agents to create custom-built coverage tailored to each specific need. TCB’s diverse portfolio ensures quality service, budget-friendly programs, and reliable products for the entire country. We believe affordable policies create clients for life, and strong referrals for our agent force. We solve problems families don’t even know they have without charging extra for personalized service. TCB is committed to leave each family in America in a better position than when we found them, clients and agents alike.

What We Do

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read below to learn more about our services and what we do for our clients every single day.

Final Expenses

When a loved one passes away, it brings emotional pain with it. With TCB's Final Expense portfolio, we have plans designed to prevent, or offset, the financial pain that is associated with death. Our agents and associated agencies are able to use our strong portfolio to help their clients prepare for this difficult time. These plans are available in a range of benefit amounts to ensure every budget can be met. The extreme diversity of our portfolio empowers TCB agents to find the best coverage for our clients, regardless of their current health challenges.

Living Benefits

The Death Benefit of a life insurance policy is the amount loved ones will receive from the insurance policy upon death. The flip side to this is Living Benefits. The Living Benefits of life insurance allow the policy owner to access cash while still living. A Living Benefit enables the policy owner to apply for an advanced payment of the death benefit during the lifetime of their policy term. This coverage can help offer peace of mind and loss of income at a critical time. Insureds receive the benefits before death for a qualifying chronic, critical or terminal illness. Insurers offer anywhere from 25 to 100 percent of the death benefit as an early payment. These benefits are not subject to federal income tax. (Some states have laws, regulations or rulings concerning taxability. You should consult a tax advisor or your state's tax department for specific information concerning state income tax laws.)

Indexed Universal Life

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) is the fastest growing type of life insurance available today. An IUL is permanent life insurance that provides a tax-free death benefit. This flexible form of life insurance allows clients to choose their coverage and premium they prefer to pay. It also allows them to make policy changes as their needs may evolve. IUL policies build cash value over time. This cash value can be available for, education expenses, to supplement retirement income (tax-free), an emergency or they can simply allow this asset to grow on a tax-deferred basis. Properly structured policies can also provide tax-free retirement income.

Mortgage Protection

Mortgage Protection is purchased to protect a client's biggest investment, their home. This protection can be designed to pay off a mortgage in part or in it's entirety. Mortgage Protection plans are designed to provide a death benefit, a cash-payout for chronic, critical or terminal illness, and can even include a return of premium. Optional riders such as child or spouse insurance, disability income, and return of premium are available in most states. Return of premium riders refund ALL premiums invested (less the cost of riders) at the end of the term if the death benefit is unused. Mortgage Protection is custom designed to fit each client's unique needs and budget.


An Annuity is a long term investment issued by an insurance company designed to help protect you from the risk of outliving your retirement income. Fixed Index Annuities provide growth opportunities without the risk of loss involved with most investments. Whether protecting existing funds from market loss, saving for retirement, providing a consistent stream of lifetime income or securing an increasing death benefit for your loved ones, a Fixed Index Annuity can be a very attractive option. Funds accumulate on a tax-deferred basis and are quickly becoming the preferred method of retirement planning.These contracts are even available with ZERO fees!

Life Insurance

Partnered with top insurance companies in the marketplace today, TCB provides agents and associated agencies a diversified and comprehensive portfolio. This portfolio includes Term, Whole & Indexed United life insurance products at extremely competitive pricing. Exclusive partnerships and proprietary products guarantee every single household in America can get protection regardless of their health or age and leaves no family behind!

is the estimated percentage of Americans that are either underinsured or uninsured altogether.
percent of U.S. households with children under 18 would have trouble meeting everyday living expenses within a few months if a primary wage earner were to die today.
is the average cost of a funeral, which is a 28% increase in the last 10 years. For most families, the loss of a loved one would bring both emotional and financial pain.
percent of Americans fear they won’t be able to retire as planned or that they will run out of money during their retirement.

Our Partners

The Chaulk Board has positioned itself with the most diverse and unique insurance portfolio in the market today. Ranging from household names to very rare and select programs, we have the right tool for every job.Whether you need Term Insurance to protect a specific timeframe, Final Expense coverage for a loved one, Mortgage Protection to ensure that home is always home, or some Advanced Market assistance with Annuities or Indexed Universal Life, we have the proper strategy and product to assist you.

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"The Chaulk Board is waging war against poverty. Our primary mission is to lead a crusade against it, by any means. We will fight to protect the financial future of both our agent force, and the American people."
Christopher Chaulk
President and CEO



The success of our agents is our number one priority. One way that TCB provides support to our agents is our Lead Program. At TCB we have eliminated the agents biggest problem, which is finding qualified prospects. Our exclusive and unique leads are available for purchase to all TCB agents and affiliated agencies.

Client Referral System

There is more than one way to prospect. For those people who prefer warmer prospects, or perhaps those that do not have a large lead budget, TCB offers the ability to prospect free of charge using our Client Referral System. We will teach you first hand how to get referrals from each and every client, prospect, or lead.

100% FREE Smart Knock Leads

If you are looking for the absolute lowest cost to start your business, here it is… 100% free of charge, TCB provides “Smart Knocks” to our agents. With Smart Knocks, you can go to dozens of people per week and provide them your services. We can tailor fit these prospects within many parameters including age, income, mortgage status, marriage status, potential credit scores… and many more filters. Totally free prospects for every TCB agent.

Competitive Compensation Plan

TCB is a balanced organization and the same goes for our compensation which is among the industry’s highest. We not only offer competitive compensation but we do so while maintaining a straightforward commitment to agent growth. We have learned from experience that companies either keep agents at “low” compensation to earn a large override or offer “high” compensation at the cost of training and mentorship. TCB’s commitment is to balance that ship and support a sustainable model with our agency-friendly promotion guidelines being the key to healthy growth.

Vested Renewals Day 1

We believe that every agent owns their business, and their book of business. TCB passes all of the agent renewal where they belong… directly to the agent who earned them!

TCB Promotion Guidelines

TCB believes that every single agent matters. We also believe that every single dollar matters when it comes to our agent’s profitability. Any TCB agent has the potential to grow a very large agency with our unprecedented 12 Recruiting Ranks. Thats right… TCB provides enough levels for you to hire an astounding 12 generations of agents within your hierarchy! 


TCB National Sales Call


Every Friday morning at 11am EST

Our training call is just that… TRAINING! No Fluff allowed in this high impact, 60 minute dose of education. Sales concepts, the psychology of selling, and many other lessons are taught here weekly. They are optional, but highly recommended for your success.

Weekly Webinars

Every Friday (when available, check weekly schedule for times) TCB hosts optional webinars designed to not only teach our agents about each product that they need to know, but also how to use them. We take training very seriously here at TCB, because no one gets better without training and education.

TCB University

TCB University is a collection of training modules, calls, audios, videos, and webinars that were created for the sole purpose of helping agents become better at serving their clients. TCB also provides real world training as well (field training where available, local meetings, etc) to ensure the success of each and every TCB agent. 


The Chaulk Board offers the opportunity for our agents and partnered agencies to send real time messages to our company CEO as well as the VP team if an agent needs assistance with client underwriting. We provide an incredible underwriting quick reference guide to assist in the home and promote more successful field underwriting. The TCB forum is a great place to obtain forms and underwriting info on the go, and the TCB Agent Portal is jammed full of live dial recordings, previously hosted calls, videos, webinars, and other amazing content.

License Coach Licensing Class

ALL TCB members and their downline agents can use this licensing course for $19.99 with our special code.

TCB is Still Growing

Thanks to our culture, and our expanding community of agents and associated agencies, we are looking into the future with a bright outlook. With every agent that joins our family, we are one person closer to completing our mission… saving this world from financial devastation, one community at a time. 

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About Our CEO

A brief background

       Christopher Chaulk was born the oldest of two in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. As a child, his mother was secretly addicted to drugs for many years, and over time became very ill. As a result of her addiction and sickness, his family was left extremely poor and totally broken. They was so poor, during a period of 10 years of his childhood, he lived in a home with no heat, electricity, or running water. He used a Kerosene heater in his parent’s living room to try to keep from freezing in the harsh Detroit winters. Even the basic necessities were an uphill battle. He and his little brother used to have to “steal” water out of the neighbor’s hose in the middle of the night to allow their family to have drinking water, or water to boil on that heater just to clean themselves. Meals were few and far in between (sometimes days apart) and would often be stored in the snow, and cooked on the top of that same kerosene heater, right in the middle of a dark living room.  This was daily life for most of Chris’ childhood. He had to endure things that most people wouldn’t believe actually exist in America, but unfortunately, that was the hand he was dealt.All of this while trying to gain an education in Detroit’s Public School system, which is known as having only a 22% high school graduation rate. As a result of all of this, he ended up becoming a high school dropout at the age of 15. Although times were very hard, and his family had almost nothing in this world, there was one thing that no one could take away from him… DETERMINATION.

Chris explains the story behind his crusade

      “Although I have learned a lot about life, I have had very little opportunity for a formal education, and had very little support as a child from anyone. Anything I obtained, I had to get myself… Education included. We lived in a constant state of ‘survival mode’ in my family… everyone fended for themselves, from food and water all the way down to toiletries. As a child, meals, clean clothes, school supplies, clean drinking water, anything a person uses on a daily basis were impossible to get. Every single day was a struggle. This the reason for my personal crusade… In 2013, I was working in a mall, making the most money I ever made in my entire life (about $800 every 2 weeks) and I was simply shown an opportunity to make more for myself… to WANT more… to know that I was WORTHY of more. Someone offered me a chance in the form of a $50 online licensing class credit, and I ran with it. I completed my class and got licensed while I was working at the mall. I was blessed enough to be able to follow through and create a career for myself in this wonderful industry. I changed my financial blueprint, and my unborn children’s future with this industry. I am proof positive that with a chance and some determination, anyone can become a success.

      Today, my crusade is against POVERTY. I do not want to see people with an insurance license ever go hungry, miss a payment on a bill,  have to worry about their financial piece of mind, or have to worry about the safety of their business. So many IMO’s are claiming to be a safe place for an agent to build their business, only to find out that the organization is not what it claims to be. These companies say they are agent focused, only to eventually expose themselves as opportunists by taking advantage of good, loyal agents, simply to turn a few extra dollars in profit. The hard working people who commit to becoming a licensed life insurance professional are not simply a number, a recruit, or a qualified writer… they are PEOPLE. They have families. They have need’s, trouble’s, dream’s, challenge’s, goal’s, and so much more!  I am not looking to build another IMO that mass recruits and has only 10% of those agents get paid (as many of the ‘mentors’ out there claim is the ‘RULE’) but i intend to raise that ratio to the sky! I intend to raise a culture of TCB agents that earn more every year. They will learn their value, and earn their value. I also intend to mentor them into growing as individuals, and by assisting them to grow their businesses every single year. We fully intend to be the catalyst that breaks the old IMO model as you know it… whether its today, tomorrow, or a decade from now… I will not rest until we have shattered that mold!

      I really appreciate the time you have taken to read this statement. It is from the heart, and genuine. I would like nothing more than to partner with you in building a new relationship to serve clients, while empowering YOUR financial growth and sustainability in the process.”

Christopher L. Chaulk, CEO

TCB Corporate Office

Leads Department

New Business Department

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